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Poetry Written in 1999

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Happiness and Love
Lonely and Alone
What More Could There Be?
Precious Memories
How Much I Love You
Why Do I Love You
I'll Know
If You Love Me Like I Do You
I'm Here Waiting
Just Like Mine
A Piece of Heaven
Takes My Pain Away
You're Unique
Would I?
One Day At A Time
You're Special
Before They Kiss
She's My Everything
So Wait for Me
Since You Went Away
Because of You
Call Me Tonight
Angel Tears
For the Last Time
Is Forget About You?
It's Too Late
I'll Come to You
I've Had Enough
Lost in My Daydreams
On My Mind
Our Own Star
All Darkness Turns Bright
Someone New
With Each Rising Sun
Without You Here
So Happy, So Glad
I'll Do Anything I Can for You
This Great Day
Waiting for You
World of Dreams
When We Kiss
Beneath A Bright Blue Sky
A Fire Within My Heart
Somewhere Down the Line
I'll Have to Accept
I Still Feel Lucky
She Knows the Gods Are Smiling
My Love
Just Forget About Me
At Sunrise Tomorrow
If I Listen
Taking Away My Dispair
The Challenges of A New Day
For Me
This Will Be Forever