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Poetry Written in 2004

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Precious Memories
Merry Christmas To You!
The Road You Travel
When Our Two Worlds Combined
But I Do Know
Like I Did
Each Time You Smile
Memories Don't Die
Sunshine Of My Life
Please Don't Cry
Time Changes
Above The Clouds
In This Moment
Time Is Ticking Away
Politicians And Us
Love Is Everything
God Please Tell Us Why
He Lives In My Heart
Patience Is A Virtue
Stranger On The Shore
Family Love
Reflection In A Stream
Come Back To Me
If You Do
My Unseen Angel
That Special Someone
Don't Let Age Bother You
Some Future Day
Mighty Ocean
No More Plastic For Me
I've Had Enough
The Sharecropper
For A Little While
When A Woman
Loves A Man
Either You Love
Me or You Don't
And It Was
Best Things in Life Are Free
I Need You So
The Mysteries of Life
Rose of My Life
Like I Intend On Doing
Because I Love You
In My Heart
Time Marches On
You Aren't Alone
The Land of the Free
When A Man Loves A Woman
Hopefully, He Will
Wishing and Hoping
Get Yourself Motivated!
Just A Little Attention
This Woman of Mine
My Last Poem
A Train Whistle Blows
With Me All My Life
An Angel Hovering Alone
That Perfect Someone
Because I Love You