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Poetry Written in 2003

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Life Would Be Lonely
Love Is Waiting Somewhere
I Bet Someone Will
Yet I Wonder
And You Never Did
Dark Clouds
Because Love is All
Filled With Love
Gods Paintings Are Best
Our Love is Real
Most of the Time
Time Will Tell
This Goes for Me Too
Just A Little Longer
Teardrops From the Sky
Let Your Heart Guide You
Take One Step at A Time
Sometimes Dreams Do Come True
Love Has Different Meanings
The Same As We Do
What Kills Me
My Butterfly Friend
I Have No Way of Knowing
The Great Spirit Heard Their Prayers
Our Last Moments Together
This is My Promise to You
We Will Be Happier if We Do
Love Grows and Lust Fades
Because I'm in Love With You
I Wish You Much Happiness
Don't Wait Until it's too Late
Maybe Tonight They Will Return
Springtime, You Are Special to Me
I Feel Blessed it Does
And Always Love You
And I Will
That's the Way it Was Intended to Be
Happy Valentines Day My Love
If You Will
An Angel and Her Harp
It Shall Always Be