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Poetry Written in 2002

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January, You Are Special to Me
I Hope You Do, Do You?
Until I Realized
Happy Land is Open All the Time
To My Heart
My Forever Burning Beacon Light
In My Eyes, She Will Never Grow Old
Some Things Are Best Not Known
Maybe Tomorrow I Will Know
Baby! It's Past Time for You to Go
I Await the Spring When My Iris Blooms
Because I Need to Know
Fate Can Make Wishes Come True
What Comes Around Goes Around
I'm Like the Shadow on My Wall
Time Will Tell
These Are My Dreams
It's Up to Us What We Become
I've Made Up My Mind Not to Take it Anymore
Love Bloms Like A Rose
In the Good Way Friends Do
Because I Am Human
We Will Find the Oyster That Contains the Pearl
Sometimes Dreams Do Come True
Let Today Be the Day
Summertime, Please Go Away
Because the Bible Tells Us So
This is My Promise to You
Beautiful Gypsy Girl, Please Don't Go
They're All I Have Left for Now
And Make You Happy Like Me
My Memories Will Last Until
From Someone Who Adores Me
This is the Way it Will Always Be
And Never Again Be Apart
Please Help Me, I'm Counting on You
And Shining in My Heart
Try it, I Did
Sometimes Mistakes Many of Us Will Make
Is it Possible I Was?
Saying What Words Could Never Say
Please God, Can't You See
Let Tomorrow Be Mine
Over and Over Again
Love Lives, Hate Kills
And Last Night Two Hearts Cried
Because Our LIves Are What We Make Them
Time Passes So Very Fast
Because I Need to Know
Let Your Heart Guide You
Because I Have Made Up My Mind
Tomorrw Begins A New Day
Please Tell Me You Do
Giving Us Another Chance
In My Dreams Each Night
You Are My Night and Day
Three Little Butterflies
So Let's Think in A Positive Way
If We Give Love, We Receive Love
Please Darling, Come Back Home
Together We WIll Always Be
Passing Time Changes Our Thinking
Because Giving is Better Than Receiving
Lets Remnisce for A Little While
And Darling, Life WIthout You
Wouldn't it Be Sad
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
It is A Wonderful Feeling
What Happens is Up to Us
But That's the Way Things Are
True Love is Worth the Wait
It's Time for Me to Change
Isn't Love Wonderful
Beauty As It Was
In A Touching Kind of Way
Sometimes Dreams Do Come True
A Mountain Trail Leads Up and Down
In That Moment I Will Never
Because Love Warms Hearts and Souls
One Day I Believe He Will Tell Us Why
Because Love is Everything