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Poetry Written in 2001, Section Two

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When I Look At You
This I Believe
Amen and Goodnight
Because I'm Turning Over A New Leaf
You'll Never Take Them Away
When Your Eyes Meet Mine
This Goes for Everything Else
You Are Rich if You Are Loved
A Love Like Ours
How About You?
Maybe Sometimes, Somewhere
Please Don't Take My Angel Away
Good-bye, I've Gotta Go
Women Are A Mystery and I Love Them
Part of Heaven Came With You
Please Come Back, I Need You Badly
And Always Will Be
Each and Every Day
I Really Want You to Stop
We Thank You Mama, for the Gifts
Some Things Are Best Unknown
Lying Will Always Come Back At You
Because All of Us Need A Friend
Keep Your Fingers Crossed for Me
Just Accept Things As They Are
The Old Man Walked On Alone
Life is What We Make it
What Do I Have to Do?
Completely Relaxed, I Opened My Eyes
I'd Like to Know, Wouldn't You?
Just How Much I Love You
Somehow I Know
Like it Helped Me
Because I Need to Know
Lust and Love Aren't the Same
As Much As I Love You
Let Your Heart Guide You
When We're Together
Accept What Your Mirror Reveals
In A Place Above the Sky
It's Up to You
Leaving Them Alone
Maybe One of These Days
Words of the Heart
Where the Sun Shines Bright
Because Tomorrow He's Coming Home
Mother and Daughter Love is A Special Love
Better Moments There Couldn't Be
Because Smiles Draw Smiles
This is My Final Good-Bye
Because He's Watching Me
Today, Tormorrow, or Until...
I'm Waiting and Hoping
The Road We Travel is Up to Us
As Having Them Here With Me
Sweet Sounds of Love
Little Sister, You Are Special to Me
And All My Dreams Came True
Where Memories Never Grow Old
Becaue They Love Me
Nervously, Impatiently Waiting
I Believe
My New Life Will
Life WIthout Love
Maybe I'm Plain Crazy
You're My Life
You'd Better Wake Up
But Neither One
You're My One and Only Love
I Love My Dog
The Sea Gulls and Me
In Some Mysterious Way
Starting Right Now
Keep Doing What You've Been Doing
Sandy Haired Girl, I Love You
Until Then, Good-Bye
A Special Wish of Mine
When She Cries
Love is Second to None
Thanks for Being There for Me
Facing the Past
Our Fate is in Our Hands
You'll Become A Better You
Please God Make is so
Because Darling, You're There
How About You?
I Believe They'll Understand
Without You There
Tonight When I Go to Sleep
What Greater Treasure
I Believe This to Be True
And That Was Love
I Wish I Could Have Thanked Him
Many More Reasons
Only God Does...
Just What True Love Really is
Broken Hearts Are Slow to Mend
Because it Was My Best
Just Listen and You Will Feel
Each Rising Sun
So Try to Become A Better You
Thank You God, Amen
I Think By Now You Know
I Found One, So Can You
Oh No! I Hear Mommy Coming
Money Can't Buy Love
Baby, I'm Completely Stuck on You
Get Ready World, I Woke Up!
This Secret Place of Mine
Just Our Moments in Time
Not Even One Single One
Please Meet Me Halfway
Maybe in Time
You Guessed It
Becaue I'm A Big Boy Now
Sometimes Thorns Appear in A Heart
I Don't Know, Wish I Did
Time's Flying, But Not You
Just Lean on Me
Did You Ever Love Me
Because Time is Moving On in Our Lives
When My Earthly Tomorrow Ends
My Darkness is Surrendering
But For Now, I Better Not Get Wet
Good-Bye and Good Luck
If it Works, Just Think of Me
My Knowing He Loves Us
Just Leave us Alone
I Hope My Wife With You
And Our Kindness Does the Same
You've Met That Someone
Great Spirit...Thank You
Please Come Back to Me
In A Place Only God Knows
In My Heart She Has
I Believe it Does
Only These Roses Know
So Many Things We'll Never See
And Each Day Until My Last
Big Boy, This is Your Last Chance
Until Somewhere Our Tomorrow Arrives
It'll Be Forever and Forever
When Our Eyes Meet
It's Bedtime, Goodnight
Good-Bye You Buzzard You
I Feel Fortunate Being Who I Am
Love Isn't Gone
Tonight When I Go to Bed
What More in Life Could They Be
Words Don't Rhyme