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Poetry Written in 2001, Section One

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In Some Magical Way
Merry Christmas to Everyone!
You'll Feel Better About Yourself...I Think
Where Eyes Cannot See
Baby, Things Are Going
to Change Around Here
In That Moment
And Cry With Them When They Cry
Think Before You Act
My One and Only Lady Fair
Let's Start Right Now
And I Believe it is
And God I Hope You Will
And You Always Will Be
Because Loving You is What I Do
The Seasons Change and So Does Life
Broken Promises Are Hard to Forgive
Until the Day I Met You
And I Will, Starting Right Now
Family Love is A Special Kind
Possibly Some Things Were Meant to Be
Darling, You Have Made
A Week Man Strong
I Wish The Weekend Was Over
Memories of A Wishful Boys Dream
You Are My One and Only Love
I Wonder?
Our Love Was Meant to Be
And You Will Be Okay
Tomorrows Sunrise Begins A New Day
She Always Cried Too
God is Always There Listening
But Darling...
Oceans Cannot Keep Two
Loving Hearts Apart
When You Fall in Love
Mama, Please Come Back Home
I Wonder, Could it Be?
Unless You Are A Devil
in an Angel's Disguise
And She Will Always Love You
This is Life's Way
Because I Have Learned My Lesson
Respect for Each Other
Until That Moment is Gone
If Life Continues On
Why Couldn't I Read
the Writing on the Wall?
Yes, I Enjoy the Autumn Season
Because We Are A Free People
Only Then
I Am Stuck On You
From My Head to My Toes
It Ain't Fun Being A Pumpkin Guard
Reminding Me
Feeling Good Inside
Step Out Into the World
So Leave Us Rednecks Alone
What God Alone Can Do
Lets Give it A Try
We Stand Together As One
America, We Love You
Today Our Eagle Cries
Wouldn't You?
Give it A Try
In This World, No One is Nicer Than You
Whether or Not We Can Enter
Loving You is What I Do
I Could Fly Without Wings
To Receive Love You Have to Give Love
Sadly, That's the Way it is
These Are My Thoughts for Today
Hopefully One Day Soon
Mothers Are Special Too
Something to Think About
I Would Forever Cry
As of This Moment
Regretfully Like One Day it Will
Because Love of A Family Never Dies
What Happens is Up to You
If You Don't, I'll Understand
It Feels Good Knowing
My Lady Will Be There
I Thank God For Each of Them
Each Word We Spoke
Was Followed By A Smile
And Most of All For Granting My Wish
Time Sure Changes Things
And He's Watching Over Me
And I Hope You Have With Me
Everyone Needs to Be Loved
Yesterday is Forever Gone
Or Would You Forget to Cry
Each Moment
It Feels Good Knowing How Much He Cares
Because I Fell in Love With You
Like No Two Flakes of Snow Are Alike
How Lucky I Was
Which Road Will You Take
That's the Way it is
A Thimble Full Will Last
You Can Be Happy Even When You're Sad
Mistakes Can Cause Lasting Pain
Breaking Two Hearts Has to Be Wrong
The Candle of Time Burns
All and All Through,
Those Were the Good Old Days
It's Decision Time
And Each Tomorrow As Well
My Wisdom Began to Grow
You Are My One and Only Best Friend
Some Things Passing
Time Will Never Change
The Beacon of My Life
I Am Waiting and Watching You
What Greater Treasures Could There Be
That's Why I Love My Lady
It's Lonely Since You've Been Gone
Be Sure Before You Say "I Do"
And I Believe I Will
Together, Lets Work Our Problems Out
Each Time We Kiss
It Makes Me Smile
I Hope My Wife Understands