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Poetry Written in 2000, Section Two

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Because Tonight I Won't Be Late
Like I Have You
At Least I Hope So
Serene Sunset
Baby, You've Stolen My Heart
Away From Me and I'm Glad
Holding Those We Love
But When True Love Comes
My Smiles Will Light the Day
Feeling Terribly Sad
It's Always Me You Blame
They're Moments of A Special Kind
Everyone Needs A Friend
Sometimes Memories Come to Mind
Within These Moments
So I'm Saying Good-bye to You
If Your Answer is Yes
Where All Moments Will Be the Best
What Did I Do That is so Wrong?
When Tomorrow Arrives
One More Time I'll Tell You
There's Much to See if You'll Stop and Look
Someone Other Than You
Being Loved and Loving
So Don't Feel Sorry for Me
Love is...
Like Many Things Do
Like Eagles Do
Smiles Sometimes Hide Sad Faces
He is There
He's A Big, Big Gripe
Giving As Much As We Take
An Old Forgotten Book
My Granddaughter
Don't Try to Change My Mind
Tomorrow When You Remember Me Today
When You Hear
the Train Whistle Blowing
All These Things
Take it From Me
Sadly for Me
Just Like Me
Trying Not to Remember
I'm Wondering Tonight
I'm Through With You
Hold Your Head Up High
I'd Give You A Bouquet
of Blue Bonnets if I Could
The Clock is Ticking
If You Dream About Me
Only Her Love for Me
Controls the Key
Ain't Falling in Love Grand?
My Heart Belongs to Only You
A Forever Burning Fire
One Pretty Dark Curl
Keepsakes Are A Special Kind
If God Gave Me Another Chance
After Tonight Erases Today
These Special Moments Alone
Happy Mother's Day, Mother Dear
Please God, Tell Me
Darling, I'll See You There
Like I Said
Pretty Baby, I Need You
Let Them Dwell in Their Walls of Hate
Her Special Smile
Are We Through?
Isn't it Amazing?
Those Magnificent Feelings
Life Goes On...Until
Because My Heart Told Me So
Earth Angels
It's Time for This Foolishness to Stop
We're Happy Again
As For Me
The Miracle of Falling in Love
Give Praise to Him
Today is Best
Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Darken A Blue Sky
Just Like You
Yes, My Darling
When Todays Become Yesterdays
She Smiles
Just for Me
Those Happy Moments
She Captured My Heart
Please Tell Me Why
Family Love
The Pipe Dreamer
So Come Back to Me
Alone & Wondering
Three Little Butterflies
My Friend is Always There
A Heart That Was Cold
A Special Love
I Finally Realized
My Darling
Holding Your Hand
This is What Life Means to Me
Can't You See?
Have you Ever? I Have
I Would Be the Same
What Could it Be
Only Yesterday