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Poetry Written in 2000, Section One

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From This Day Forward
So Please, Instead of One Bouqet, Pick Me Two
Believe Me When it Does
I'll Let You Decide
I Hope You Do Agree
Yes, Loneliness Would Be Endless
Thank You My Dear
Smiling, The Young Man Walked Away
Now Please Let Me Practice
Until My Heart Decides Our Fate
What Happens Now is Entirely Up to You
Because I Want to Spend
My Life With You
With A Special Love Light
It Could Be Tomorrow
One Glorious Day
As the Candles Burn,
Our Wisdom Grows
This Made Me Feel Better
All Because of You
I Hope So
I Hope We'll Get Together Soon
Today I'm Feeling Good Inside Just Knowing
Let's Hope So Anyways
So Face It, You and I Are Through
Lust for Power Hardens the Heart
Always Remember, I Love You
Tonight I'll Be Looking Your Way
Dry Tears Can't Be Seen
If You Don't Know By Now, I Love You
Because I Won't Need it Anymore
Like Wilting Plants Come to
Life When it Rains
Somehow I Know
That's All I Know to Do
This I Promise...
Our Four Seasons
You Might Find Yourself Wishing
So What Happens is Up to You
Somewhere Down the Path
When Hate No Longer Exists
That's the Way it is
True Love Lasts Forever
God I Thank You...
Just My Opinion
Hoping Today Will Be Better Than Yesterday
Where Unseen Tears Fall
I Feel Better Now
Church Bells Are Ringing
Birthdays Sure Come and Go
Ancient Old Gristmill, Thank You
Our Gratitude to Him is so Easy to See
It Might Take A Bucket of Tears
My Imagination Will Have to Do
Some Mistakes Can Never Be Erased
Deep Inside My Heart
Beautiful Angel, Thank You!
In A Loving Sort of Way
Moments Like These Are Second to None
Good-bye Grandpa, I Love You
And Always Remember
And it Will Be, If She
Will Open Her Eyes
So Darling, Forgive Me if You Can
In A Place God Himself Arranged
Yes, This is the Place I Belong
Halloween Night
And Now I Pay
Just Knowing
An Impossible Dream
We're Young and We're in Love
If You Don't Change
About You I Really Care
Because Loving You is What I Do
In A Sweet Kind of Way
Now it's Time to Say Good-bye
Where Dreams Dwell
In That Moment of Happiness
Baby, That's the Way it is
That's What Good Friends Do
The Magic Night
Those Long Ago Days
Oh Mighty Eagle
Regretfully, I Can't
Each Time I Smell A Rose
Determination is the Winning Way
No Matter What Happens
So Darling, Throw Your Mirror Away
And for Me
The Love of You
But Somehow I Will
If I'm Lucky
If Your Roads Are Leading Nowhere
Send My Love Back to Me
Until One Great Day
My Pretty Flower
Blessings in Disguise
My Little Piece of Heaven
My Thoughts for Today
The Smile of Love
Too Few Moments
For Us, Love Will Always Be There
Mom and Dad, Thank You
I Promise, You'll Find A Changed Man
It's Decision Time
My Special Moments With
My Grandma and Grandpa
Yes My Friend, You've Fallen in Love
Maybe One Day She Will
The Girl I Want for My Wife
Baby, Meet the New Me
Until Then, I'll Be Best Man
Just My Opinion
If Heaven is Full of
Angels Like You
You Love Me Too
Then One Sad Day
Just A Silly Thought
Mighty River, If Only You Could Talk
All Because You're There
If You Don't Love Me
Memories of Love
America, I Love You
The Key to My Heart
And I Realized
Sealing Two Hearts Forever
It Was in That Moment
Honey, I'm Crazy About You