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Poetry Archives

Poetry found in this section was written during or before 1998.

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I Find Myself Wishing
A New Start
My Last Few Moments Are Gone
Natures Might
I Was Standing Alone
Your Kind Words
Tears in My Heart and Eyes
You're Stringing Me Along
Today Will Be My Best
Kiss My Tears Away
A Man Needs His Woman
Memories of Mom
The Little Flower
Two Candles Burning
Those Lies They Told
Don't Play Around With Me
Two Different Worlds
Magic of A Kiss
Let Me
The Face That Frowns
Old Red Hill
Love is Everything
Wondering...About Love
Password to Your Heart
It Would Take A Miracle
With These Verses
Loving Care
A Heart Filled With Pain
My Shining Star
With No Feelings
of Anger or Hate
The Pipe Dreamer
Within These Moments
This Makes Me Smile
My Special Moments
With Grandma and Grandpa
And Tomorrow When
You Remember Today
Forever and Forever
With You Loving Me
Let Them Dwell in
Their Walls of Hate
Tell Me if You Love Me
Like Wilting Plants Come
to Life When it Rains
My Eyes Cannot See
Because I Am Feeling Blue Inside
You Are Special
Time Passes
A Farm Family
Honey, I Love You
So Mama,
Please Don't Cry Anymore
Her Special Smile
Happy Mother's Day
Another Chance
A Road of Clay
A New Day
Good Often Wins
That's About All I Have to Say
I'll Have to Wait and See
I Always Smile
True Love
And They Will if They Have Smiles
I Sure Hope So
Suppose God Knew
Toodle Lee Doo to You
Is Our Romance Real?
It Did it for Me and it Will for You
This Friend That
Opened My Heart
Sending Love Your Way
The Roar of the Waves
Let the Magic Begin
A New Era Had Arrived
So Baby, Be Careful
A Journey Back
Brother & Sister
To Begin Again
From Now Until
Leaving Out All
the Memories of You
These Memories
The Keeper of Flowers
A Woman's Trust
Never Let Go
Remembering Your Smile
Here She Comes
Why Did You Go?
Work Together
I Feel Honored
I Love You
Nothing Lasts Forever
My Little Mermaid
It's A Happy Life
Baby, I'm Coming Home
Dad Was Right
Let Your Heart Guide You
Until Then
Wait for Me
We'll Have to Wait and See
Will Always Have Blooms
You Are in Love
This Old House
Someone Was There
Smiles Fade to Sadness
Gone Like the Wind
The Old Clay Road
Some Things Happen
This is A Farmers Way
This Song So Beautiful
I Will Never Forget
A New Beginning
A New Chapter
Wash My Tears Away
Beyond the Gate
On the Ocean Shore
One Small Tree
Stake and Rider
Four Angels
If He Can
My Grandson
Twirling in the Wind
You've Been My Everything
I Can See
Going Home
The Lonely Howl
One Future Day
Time...On My Hands
Feeling Good Inside
The Fence
A Key to My Heart
The Old Windmill Stands Alone
Tomorrow's A New Day
You've Fallen in Love
Your Star Will Always Shine
Maybe One Day
We'd Have it No Other Way
You're Always on My Mind
Her Love Turned to Hate
Memory Changes
Farm Family
I Love You
One More Time
They'll Be Too Few
My Beautiful Angel
The Lighthouse
With You Loving Me
When You Are Kind