The first moment I saw you

My heart flowed with emotion

I knew you were the girl to whom

I would give my life's devotion.

I'll always remember how good I felt

When I first asked you for a date

I was so eager to hear your reply

Was afraid I had waited too late.

You said you thought I'd never ask

Then you smiled and took my hand

My waiting heart swelled with pride

A happy life for us would be my plan.

We learned soon after we fell in love

That couples don't always agree

Sometimes I do things to upset you

At times you do the same to me.

We are very happy together now

Yet sometimes dark clouds do appear

I know they are just lover's quarrels

I know that I have nothing to fear.

We married for better or for worse

All our storms we will weather

Our life together means everything

We will strive to stay together


Ralph L. Clark © 1999