I'll Do Anything I Can For You

Dear angel, tell me what's wrong,

why are those tears in your eyes,

has something made you unhappy

please won't you tell me why?

I'm not happy if you are sad,

is there anything I can do?

Dear angel, please understand

that I'll do anything to help you.

Dear angel, don't ever give up,

goodness will soon shine through.

Each time the sky turns dark,

God's hand will turn it back to blue.

Dear angel, please be happy again,

if you're happy then I will be, too.

All you need to do is just ask me,

I'll do anything I can for you.

You can't help me, Sir, she said,

this sad job I have to do is mine,

taking one of God's children home.

Thank you, you have been so kind.

Ralph L. Clark © 1999