And I Will

My mother sure is a smart lady
she always catches me doing things she forbids
I didn't think she'd see me stealing a cookie
but like all the other times, she did!

I know I shouldn't disobey mother like I do
gee whiz! Sometimes a boy has to be a boy
today she told me to quit pestering my sister
and to give her back her favorite toy.

When mother tells dad things I did he smiles
I think maybe he remembers he was a boy too
it would be bad on me if he didn't understand
but I've decided to cut down on bad things I do.

Because I love my mother and sister a lot
I will turn over a new leaf and start being good
because I know they love me like I do them
stopping mischief, I can and know I should.

And I Will

Ralph L. Clark © 2006

Graphics © A. Buttigieg 2006