Happy Father's Day Dad

When I was young I didn't understand
why my dad had to work all the time
when dad was home usually he was tired
I thought his neglecting me was unkind.

After I grew older and a little smarter
I knew why dad was tired when he was home
he worked long hours to support our family
my youthful thinking was definitely wrong.

During dad's last years we talked a lot
he said I had reasons to feel neglected
a smile donned on his face when I told him
"Dad, I wasn't neglected I was protected."

Dad is gone now, but he lives in my heart
my knowing he worked hard to support us
taught me what a dad's love of family is
my children will learn this from me I trust.

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Ralph L. Clark © 2005

Graphics © A. Buttigieg 2005