A Pot Of Gold

If you've gotten yourself into a big mess
and you can't figure how to dig yourself out
your entire world is getting smaller by degrees
Your ever breaking out you are in doubt.

You're having the same problem other people have
I bet you feel like digging a hole and jumping in
All those bill collector's knocking on your door
Finding a way out you don't know where to begin.

Buy a ticket on a train headed for California
then buy one on a ship bound for the south seas
if you see a rainbow coming down on an island
at the rainbow's end A POT OF GOLD just might be.

Whether you find A POT OF GOLD or not just think
you've given yourself a chance to start over again
so erase your worries from your mind and be happy
other's have done it, if you try I believe you can.

Ralph L. Clark © 2005

Graphics © A. Buttigieg 2005