Beyond The Veil

What lies beyond the veil
It's not possible for us to know
But if you believe in God like I do
You will know He is there for us
Just like the Bible tells us so.

In a dream I had last night I saw
What will happen to me when I die
I'll walk in a tunnel towards a light
Loved one's who died before me
I'll see in this tunnel above the sky.

I will meet an Angel as I continue on
Who'll walk with me towards the light
The Angel's voice will warm my heart
I will know God is waiting up ahead
In his kingdom where there's no night.

My entire life will flash before my eyes
All the good and bad things I have done
I hope my good will outweigh the bad
And God will accept me into his kingdom
In his Heavenly Home above the sun.

Ralph L. Clark © 2005

Graphics © A. Buttigieg 2005