One Red Rose

A young man sat down on a park bench
next to an old man holding one red rose
he donned a smile that would light the night
Each time he lifted the rose up to his nose.

The inquisitive young man had to speak
he asked the old man if today was a special day
the old man smiled, then he slowly said
"Today sixty years ago I married my wife Fay."

The young man smiled and congratulated him
then asked if all those years had been great
the old man smiled, then again speaking slowly
"Our love grew after a few bumps and mistakes."

Then the young man asked where was Fay today
Then he noticed tears in the old man's eyes
wiping his tears away the old man quietly said
'My dear Fay lives in heaven up above the sky."

The old man's voice grew stronger as he said
"Each year I gave Fay one single red rose,
today is our anniversary, Fay's not here I know;
"But, she's near when I lift the rose to my nose."

Ralph L. Clark © 2005

Graphics © A. Buttigieg 2005