Merry Christmast To You!

I woke up with lots of Christmas spirit today
My knowing Santa will soon get on his sleigh
I have my fingers crossed he'll be good to me
And leave nice things under our Christmas tree.

Time is moving slow when it usually moves fast
Days before Christmas Day hurry and pass
This waiting for Santa is more than I can take
When I should be sleeping I am wide awake.

My mama just told me to be patient and wait
Christmas will soon come, Santa won't be late
Maybe she's forgotten how it is to be a child
Because when she was one it's been a while.

Oh well, I'm going outside and build a snowman
And get my mind off Christmas if I possibly can
I will try to be patient like Mama told me to do
So to one and all, Merry Christmas to you!

Ralph L. Clark © 2004

Graphics © A. Buttigieg 2004