Each Time You Smile

Each time you smile at me
My heart almost jumps outside
Especially that look you give me
After I tell you how lucky I was
The day you became my bride.

Like ocean waves rise in the wind
My love for you grows day by day
And it will for the rest of my life
I believe God made you just for me
Thanks I give Him each time I pray.

Darling, please keep smiling at me
It's what makes my world go around
You are the foundation of my life
Without you I'd be lonely and alone
I would cry without making a sound.

Each star has another star close by
The poor moon is up there all alone
I wonder if the moon is sad like I'd be
If I didn't have you to love and hold
Being alone would be sad and wrong.

Ralph L. Clark © 2004

Graphics © A. Buttigieg 2004