The Sharecropper

There was a time not too many years ago
a sharecropper plowed from sun up to sun down
his daily wages were just one dollar a day
amazingly on his face no one ever saw a frown.

The sharecropper's wife kept their little home clean
a house with wooden shutters with no window panes
drinking water had to be drawn from an outside well
a home without electricity or other modern day things.

Their transportation was a mule drawn wagon
they rode to church or places to buy special needs
the sharecropper enjoyed his moments with his wife
they had little money but they were happy indeed.

It doesn't take material things to live a happy life
having someone you love you know loves you
is the very best this world we live in has to offer
I'm blessed I have someone, I hope you do too?

Ralph L. Clark © August 2004

Graphics © A. Buttigieg 2004