Either You Love Me or You Don't

It's time you let me know about me how you feel
Because I need to know if your feelings for me are real
Quit playing silly games with a heart that loves you
If you love me look into my eyes and tell me you do.

I can't go on not knowing what your intentions are
Is your love for me real or is it falling like a falling star
Were those promises you made to me just a pack of lies
Or is it your world is only filled with dark cloudy skies?

I've made up my mind my heart has taken all it can take
So tell me if my believing you loved me was a big mistake
I can't wait any longer so tell me your intentions today
The clock of time is ticking the days of my life away

Either you love me or you don't...

Ralph L. Clark © 2004

Graphics © A. Buttigieg 2004