My Last Poem

Of all the great poets who lived their lives in the long ago past
I wonder what the subject was to the poem each one wrote last
In their minds I wonder if somehow they knew the end was near
And they dedicated their last poem to someone they held dear?

Could the loved one of a poet have known what the future held
For the poet and fully understood what the poet was trying to tell
In the carefully written verses coming straight from the poets heart
Could the loved one known the poet from this world might soon depart?

Maybe dark dreary skies brought forth these thoughts into my mind
But I know one day I will write my last poem, I hope it's a special kind
With the subject expressing my love for all those who are dear to me
Hopefully, my words will tell them I love them no matter where I'll be.

My Last Poem

Ralph L. Clark © 2004

Graphics © A. Buttigieg 2004