And You Never Did

Memories of you keep dancing around in my head
Each one of these memories is making me sad today
Because memories are surfacing of long ago mistakes
I thought I had filed in my mind and threw the key away.

Memories must be like the winds you feel but can't see
You can't forget things buried deeply inside your mind
It's impossible to conceal memories that refuse to die
Memories of you I hate to say are exactly this kind.

I shouldn't have opened the door of my heart to you
When I had no reason to believe you cared for me
Why did I do what a sensible person would never do
I guess I was too stupid and blind to understand or see?

Since you gave me no indication you would ever love me
Why couldn't I see the handwriting written on the wall
And accept my chances with you were from slim to none
Why did I sit and wait, for days, hoping you would call?

And you never did.

Ralph L. Clark © 2003

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