Take One Step At A Time

If you aren't satisfied with what you have
Always find yourself wishing for a little more
Something happens taking away what you have
You will be wishing for what you had before.

It's normal finding success difficult to achieve
Maybe that is the way it was intended to be
Learning from your mistakes will give you a boost
Upwards to the next level on the success tree.

Those born with a silver spoon in their mouth
Never taste the sweetness of hard work success
It's an award earned only by the sweat of the brow
A gift you have earned you will always possess.

Barriers you face along the way knock them down
Don't be greedy, upwards steps take them one by one
Eventually you will reach the height of your ability
But impatience would cause your success to be none.

Take one step at a time.......

Ralph L. Clark © 2003


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