The Great Spirit Heard Their Prayers

In our country I've seen changes and so have you

Each year that comes brings new changes with it too

Beautiful forests and virgin lands are disappearing

Buildings of all shapes and heights are appearing.

Long ago Indian hunts for game reaped success

Abundant furs for their loved ones they did possess

For which they gave thanks to the great spirit in the sky

At times great warriors had tears of joy in their eyes.

Not too many years ago many sad changes came

Proud tribal hunters began finding less and less game

Many Indian tribes were forced to move onto reservations

Their past was often the topic of their conversations.

From dying flowers their seeds will sprout and grow

Indians survived hardships more than most of us know

Each morning sunrise they prayed for a new beginning

Their renewed strength grew each day without an ending.

The great spirit heard their prayers.....

Ralph L. Clark © 2003

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