This is My Promise to You

Last night when I saw you at the dance
I wanted to ask you for one more chance
But I was afraid your answer would be no
I left, now your answer I might never know.

It is tearing me up inside doing what I did
There I was a grown man acting like a kid
Instead of walking up to you like a man
And asking for a chance to start over again.

I don't blame you for being mad with me
Today I'm feeling like a rotten apple on a tree
I know a woman wants a man to act like a man
Forget the way I acted last night if you can.

I promise not to act like a child anymore
Let's rekindle our romance like it was before
My shoulder is here for you... it's very strong
It will be there to comfort you all my life long.

This Is my promise to you.....

Ralph L. Clark © 2003

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