Because I'm In Love With You

You stole my heart from me and I don't know your name
But I really don't care because my heart is yours to keep
That pretty smile of yours has be standing on cloud nine
I'm feeling funny inside, my legs are beginning to get weak.

I don't know what's happening my heart is beating fast
But I have a strong hunch cupid shot an arrow at me
How did I fall in love with someone I've never met
Maybe cupid knew our life together was meant to be.

I hope cupid's arrow hit you and you feel the same as me
If he did or didn't I'm going to tell you I'm in love with you
Hoping is what I'll be doing you won't turn and walk away
But my heart is yours no matter what you decide to do.

Because I'm in love with you....

Ralph L. Clark © 2003

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