Springtime You Are Special To Me

Today I walked by a melting snowman
In some way it made me feel blue
Until I remembered springtime is near
The season of the year I first met you.

Springtime paints barren trees green
And brings back memories I hold dear
Of a long ago springtime we fell in love
My reason awaiting it's arrival each year.

Winter blessed us with moments of joy
Christmas time children receiving toys
Mom's and dad's adoring the happiness
Glowing on faces of their girls and boys.

The snowman I know will soon melt away
But next winter he will come to life again
Because happy children love snowmen
And built them long before my life began.

For each season we have I give thanks
To God for the beauties each one brings
But springtime is special to my wife and me
Because our hearts joined forever in the spring.

Springtime, you are special to me......

Ralph L. Clark © 2003

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