That's The Way It Was
Intended To Be

From the first moment my eyes met yours
I knew we had met in some long ago time
Your eyes told me you felt the same as me
That your heart was singing just like mine.

In what time we met before I wish I knew
But I know our love for each other was real
Like I know it is real now and always will be
When we first met time will always conceal.

Something was missing in my life until now
In the moment I saw you I knew it was you
Could it be fate intended our meeting again
Filling my emptiness and filling yours too?

Let the mystery how we met remain a secret
Together is where it was intended for us to be
Our love will flourish like a garden in the spring
My love will grow for you and your love will for me.

That's the way it was intended to be.....

Ralph L. Clark © 2003

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