It Shall Always Be

Grandpa and grandma's one room schoolhouse
Is empty all of the children have long since gone
On their long walks to school grandpa told me how
The girls walked ahead of boys to school and home.

Grandpa said he used to slip up behind grandma
Hoping for a chance to pull her long golden hair
He knew she probably would be angry with him
But even if she was, he said he didn't really care.

Grandma said she couldn't believe their teacher
When she told grandpa which desk he should take
Grandma thought grandpa would pull her hair again
But grandpa was nice, her thinking was a mistake.

Time crept forward faster than we believe it does
Grandpa eventually began to catch grandma's eye
It wasn't too long before they became man and wife
This old school is special to me, now you know why

It shall always be......

Ralph L. Clark © 2003

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