Some Things Are Best
Not Known

Each time I look up at the moon and stars
I smile realizing there's no one else like me
It took many miracles to make me who I am
I'm as different as a river is from a mighty sea.

Just think when identical twins are born
They look alike in body but not in their mind
Like no snowflake looks the same as another
Each of us thank goodness are one of a kind

Another miracle to this day that astounds me
Is the moment you know you've fallen in love
When dating other's you didn't feel any love there
Maybe the love of your life is planned high above.

I guess that's why no two minds think the same
It could be the reason why opposites often attract
It is impossible to understand the secrets of love
If you try you'll take one step forward and two back.

Some things are best not known.....

Ralph L. Clark © 2002

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