Baby! It's Past Time
For You To Go!

My heart is aching, there is no mistaking
But at last I have finally gotten wise
To your lying and cheating ways and know
You are a devil in an angel disguise

Your believing you could always fool me
And believing I'm your servant was a mistake
So get it in your head, you and I are through
Don't try buttering me up again, it's too late.

We have trains running north and south
Head for the station and take one either way
Baby, our being through don't have any doubt
Because that's exactly what we are as of today.

Tomorrow's sun starts a brand new day
Thank God! It's a new beginning for me too
There are lots of girls out there somewhere
I'll find me one whose the opposite of you.

Baby! It's past time for you to go!

Ralph L. Clark © 2002

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