I Await The Spring
When My Iris Blooms

Winter for children is a cheerful and happy time
Wondering what Santa will bring is on their mind
But for me, I await the spring when my iris blooms
Their beauty shines morning, noon and afternoon.

Life would be dull without plans for the days ahead
We wouldn't have happy dreams when we go to bed
Everyone's thoughts would be pretty much the same
If this happened, we'd have only ourselves to blame.

I'm glad children are excited about Christmas Day
Like I'm excited spring eventually will be on the way
I believe the future will be bright for each one of us
As long as we have dreams and we always will I trust.

Close your eyes for a moment and daydream awhile
Think of something pleasant and I bet you will smile
And if you do, it means you have goals in your heart
Let them out ! Achieving your goals it's time to start.

I await the spring when my Iris blooms.....

Ralph L. Clark © 2002

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