We Will Find The Oyster That
Contains A Pearl

Alone in my thoughts thinking back over my life
Recalling good times and times that were sad
Memories of mother today are foremost on my mind
The way she brought me up I will always be glad
Years she was here for me were very happy times.

As years passed time brought many changes
The day mother was called to her heaven home
A hurt entered my heart that will never change
Even now it's difficult for me to accept she is gone
Living my life without her has been a very sad time.

The year fate introduced me to my future wife
Was a year my heart and mind will never forget
Her love has kept my world from falling apart
She's always there to calm me when I am upset
Our marriage has been and is a very happy time.

Life has happy moments and sad moments too
Maybe this is our purpose in being in this world
If we are unselfish and willingly share our love
We will find the oyster that contains a pearl.
  Happy times will be surpass times that are sad.

Ralph L. Clark © 2002