Because The Bible
Tells Us So

He was sent by his father from heaven
With a message for you and for me
This heavenly man filled with love
His name was Jesus of Galilee.

When he spoke all ears could hear
This message from heaven Jesus brought
Everyone in their heart's realized
It was God's word they were being taught.

Jesus could make blind eyes see
Heal the lame and forgive our sins
Jesus of Galilee could raise the dead
Jesus was a fisherman of men.

Sadly those who didn't love
Or believe him crucified him instead
Jesus willingly died for our earthly sins
After three days he arose from the dead!

If we live our lives righteously
We will meet Jesus in Heaven above
And live with him and God forever
In God's kingdom of love.

Because the Bible tells us so....

Ralph L. Clark © 9-01-2002
   Copyright Protected