But That's The Way
Things are

Today I smiled for an unknown reason
Probably a pleasant thought Crossed my mind
And vanished before I could recall what it was
Leaving me wondering was my thought a special kind.

I will try not worrying or wondering why
My thought vanished from my mind so fast
Because eventually the thought might return
  Most of all I am hoping my forgetfulness will pass.

Back when I was a young adventurous boy
Mama once told me her memory was getting bad
At the time I did not know what Mama meant
Because my world was a simple one of a young lad.

Today I am wondering if just like my dear Mama
My memory is starting to slip a little too
I am beginning to understand what Mama meant
That long ago day and it's making me feel blue.

But that's the way things are.....

Ralph L. Clark © 2002

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