Women Are A Mystery
And I Love Them

I'm beginning to feel like
A mixed up jig saw puzzle
I'm beginning to believe
A man can't figure out
How the opposite sex thinks.

Some things I say to women
I believe will make them smile
But often they take it
An entirely different way.

A man who understands women
I'd love to shake his hand
Even if I don't believe him
It might make him feel good
Until, just like me, he says
Something to a woman
She'll probably take wrong.

Maybe men love the mystic
In a woman's way of thinking
I really don't know
Because I'm a man.

Probably the only one who
Understands women is God
And I honestly wonder
If he does any better
Than you or me, because
Women are a mystery
And I love them......

Ralph L. Clark © 2001

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