We Thank You Mama_
For The Gifts

It hurts inside when I remember
Something that happened long ago
My Mama called my sister and me
To hurry and come inside the house
For a reason we really didn't know.

Mama opened one of her slim hands
Then what my sister saw made her smile
In Mama's hand was a special locket
One my sister had admired a long while
The smile on sisters face told it all.

Mama smiled again and looked at me
Then she slowly opened her other hand
In it was a watch I had always wanted
Because the hands glow in the dark
To this day I look at it again and again.

Mama isn't with sister and me anymore
But neither of us will ever forget that day
Both of us still have and cherish our gifts
We are hoping to see Mama again one day
That will be the greatest gift of them all.

We thank you Mama_ for the gifts.

Ralph L. Clark © 2001

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