Somehow I Know

Our youth is fading like the sun in a western sky

But my love for you is growing like a waxing moon

With each tick of the clock my thoughts are of you

They always will be, today, tomorrow until the end

You're the love of my life_ my very best friend.

I thank God for sending a little piece of heaven

To earth and he did when he sent you down to me

When our two hearts joined I rejoiced with joy

Because my heart told me God had answered my prayer

The feelings inside me since then none could compare.

Many years have passed by since the day we met

But our first moment together is one I'll never forget

Any doubt I had in my heart left when I saw your smile

Darling you are and always will be my one and only love

Somehow I know God sent you to me from heaven above.

Ralph L. Clark © 2001

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