The Sea Gulls

And Me

Strolling down a cotton candy colored beach

Watching foamy ocean waves creeping towards me

Wondering if their loud roars were warnings to retreat

Because each wave came closer and closer to my feet.

In a darkening sky I could see sea gulls circling nearby

Until they quickly landed on the beach not far from me

I wondered if they landed to watch the waves wet my feet

Or perhaps they thought I would give them something to eat.

After a while I continued my stroll noticing a fog moving in

I guess the sea gulls noticed it too because they quickly flew away

Soon they disappeared in the fog leaving me on the beach all alone

Suddenly I did what the sea gulls probably did, I headed home.

Feeling good inside as I thought about the ones I love

And the meeting of

The sea gulls and me.

Ralph L. Clark © 2001

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