Sandy Haired Girl

I Love You

I remember a little sandy haired girl

Who used to play with my sister everyday

Where I was they somehow managed to be

I always grumbled when they got in my way.

Time changes things people come and go

My sister's friend didn't live near us anymore

Years passed and I became a man seemingly overnight

Life was changing fast nothing was like before.

Eventually my work took me to foreign lands

When my work was complete I came back home

One day my sister said someone wanted to meet me

Someone I used to know in days long gone.

When my sister introduced me to her friend

I knew she was the sandy haired girl I used to know

But I couldn't believe how much she had changed

My heart noticed it too, because it was in a crazy whirl.

If you guessed I lost my heart that day

You guessed right

Because today that sandy haired girl is my wife

I couldn't possibly be happier than I am

Knowing she'll be with me all my life.

Sandy haired girl I love you.

Ralph L. Clark © 2001

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