A Special Wish

Of Mine

I wish I knew

Where to find

A magic wishing well

Sadly I don't

But I do know

Where to find

A home where

Lasting love dwells.

It's on a quiet street

In a beautiful little town

In this home

You can almost see the love

Shared by this family

Because it's flowing all around.

If it had been possible

For me to find

A magic wishing well

Where wishes come true

I would have placed

A special wish of mine.

I'd wished for a home

Filled with love

For myself, our children

And you

To be exactly the same

As the people share

In this home

I know do.

A magic wishing well

I realize I'll never find

But I can and will

Always give all my love

To you and our children

By always being kind.

Ralph L. Clark © 2001

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