If It Works_Just Think

Of Me

My stress retreats when I stand watching

A Ferris Wheel spinning round and round

As I enjoy the happy riding people

Shouting out their joyful happy sounds.

You yourself can make stress an unwelcome guest

If next time you're indoors watching it rain

You'll go outside and let cool raindrops run down your face

And make washing your troubles away a rain game.

Your friends might believe you're a wee bit crazy

Some of them might even call you a silly fool

But don't worry about what they might think

Live your life by your own beating stress rules.

Take it from my years of playing beat stress games

What I've suggested I bet will work for you

You'll be happy you found a way to relax the same as me

So next time it rains try what I've suggested you do.

If it works_just think of me.....

Ralph L. Clark © 2001

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