Memories Of A Wishful
Boy's Dreams


Each Christmas season that comes
Fond memories come forth in my mind
Of a Christmas season long since gone
That left memories of a special kind.

Memories of a wishful boy's dreams
Santa would bring him a Daisy BB gun
One he had found in a Sears catalog
A magnificent 500 shot shiny one.

Christmas morning that Christmas year
The young boy found it hard to await
He had a calendar next to his bed
Each day he scratched off the date.

When Christmas Eve morning arrived
The boy anxiously awaited the night
Before total darkness he went to bed
Wishing and hoping for early daylight.

A rooster crowing awakened the boy
He excitedly ran to the Christmas tree
Santa Claus had left him a BB gun there!
The rest of the story is pleasant history.

Ralph L. Clark © 2001

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