So Leave Us Rednecks Alone

A redneck I is from my head to my toe
Who shore do miss dem drive in picture shows
City folks always want to change things around
That's why us rednecks ran them out of town.

My pickup truck ran out of gas the other day
I poured some shine in the tank and it started right way
Clarabelle my gal got mad with me the udder night
Told me to straighten up and start doing things right.

Us rednecks don't like folks sticking your nose up at us
So tend to yore own business or your noggin we'll bust
Don't tell me my truck could use a coat of paint
Because painting it I'll tell you I shore ain't.

You city slickers listen to me once and for all
Don't come back to town unless we give you a call
The way we like things is the way they gonna be
Because we live in the good OLE USA the land of the free.

So leave us rednecks alone.....

Ralph L. Clark © 2001

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