Let's Give It A Try

The tempo of life has drastically increased
Things taking months can now be done in days
A hundred years from now people will laugh
Wondering how we got by using antique ways.

It seems yesterday cars only had manual gears
Now they have automatic and so very much more
Television programs were all in black and white
Now they're in color not imagined before.

Time brings change some good, others are bad
Drugs I seldom heard of when I was a young boy
Sadly today drugs are in cities most everywhere
Those who consume drugs their lives they destroy.

Beginning NOW let's replace hate with love
Each tick of the clock is another chance to do good
A change to erase evil thoughts from our minds
All of us will live happier and safer lives
If doing these things all of us would.

Let's give it a try......

Time marches on....

Ralph L. Clark © 2001

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