Today Our Eagle Cries

I am deeply saddened about the horrific tragedies
in Washington, DC and New York City on September 11, 2001.
It's impossible to understand how anyone could commit such horrific
crimes against a nations people. We are a nation of free people, we will
not allow terrorists to weakened our love of country. These evil acts
strengthens our love of country and bonds us together as one, a
bond that cannot be broken.

We Will Prevail!

My prayer's are extended to the families of those Americans and
citizens of other nations whose loved ones lost their lives or injured
on that horrific day. Together we will stand as one behind
our president; with God's help those who are responsible of these
murderous acts will severely pay.

Today Our Eagle Cries

Today, tears are falling from our Eagles eyes
But our love of country will wipe those tears away
Because together we stand united and strong
Freedom we cherish, we intend keeping it that way.

Ralph L. Clark © 2001

Graphics © A. Buttigieg 2005