Ain't Falling In Love Grand

Each time I see her

My heart jumps into my throat

I can feel my bachelorhood sinking fast

Like a water filled boat.

When she turns her big eyes my way

I can't control my shaking knees_

She's taking over my heart and soul

And I don't even know if she's

Serious or just a big tease..

All my friends are always kidding me_

From now on when she's around

I've got to control my emotions

Because it's no fun when

Everyone thinks you're a clown...

Next time I see her

I'll ask her where I stand

If her answer is what I want to hear

I'll be the happiest

Clown in the land....

Last thing I have to say

Is simple words from a simple man

Ain't Falling in love grand.....

Ralph L. Clark © 2000