A Forever Burning Fire

My pockets aren't full of money

I don't have a big house on a hill

Sometimes at the end of the month

Not enough money to pay the bills.

The soles on my shoes are kinda thin

Color is fading on my best shirt

I'll have to do without a while longer

Because my wife needs money to buy a skirt.

I give my children the things they need

They repay me with their pretty smiles

So I'll wear my old shirt a while longer

My shoes are good for a few more miles.

No_ I don't have a house on a hill

And my clothes will never be the best

But_ I wouldn't swap my treasures

For mansions, money or all the rest.

I have a family that loves me

What greater treasures could one desire

I have all the riches I'll ever need

Love for my family is a forever burning fire.

Ralph L. Clark © 2000