One Pretty Dark Curl

As I passed an old store

Something told me to turn back_

I went inside and browsed around

Until I saw some pictures in a stack.

What happened then made

My heart skip a beat

An old picture flew out

And fell between my feet..

Picking up the faded picture

I saw a picture of a beautiful girl

And hanging from her forehead

Was one pretty dark curl...

It was then someone behind me

said, "May I help you Sir"

I turned towards a young lady

Whose beauty made my eyes blur....

I couldn't believe what I saw

And said, "This picture looks like you"

She said, "It's my great grandma,

why it's there, I don't have a clue....."

Well_one thing led to another

Today_ I'm married to that pretty girl

And the thing that made all this happen

Probably was_ One Pretty Dark Curl......

Ralph L. Clark © 2000