I Hope We'll Get Together Soon
(a poem for the young)

I can't stop myself from thinking about you

If this keeps up I don't know what I'm going to do

Last night a friend told me you asked for my name

Now I'm beginning to wonder if we like each other the same.

If we do one of us has to get brave and speak up

I'll try hard to be the one but it will be difficult.

If I walk up to you please don't laugh if I can't talk

Or look at me with an ugly look that means take a walk.

If by a miracle you break the ice before me I'll be glad

One thing for sure if we don't get together I'll be sad.

This being fifteen is tougher than old folks think

Because it takes more to meet someone than a wink.

I hope we'll get together soon.......

Ralph L. Clark © 2000

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